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The medieval kingdom of Imnia welcomes you !

Here, taking the role of a lord in the realm of IMNIA, and as a loyal servant of the Emperor you are being instructed to begin the construction of a wonder as soon as possible, a wonder which will bring greatness to our kingdom and awe the entire world!

Game Overview

IMNIA is a strategic economic city building game, in which the players race each other in order to be the first to build a wonder and gain the Emperor's favor.

The game is played in turn based fashion, with each 4 turns making up a year, just like the 4 seasons.

In each of the first 3 seasons the player can :
  • gather and trade resources
  • evolve their town
  • create items
  • recruit townsfolk
  • play the season specific special events

During Winter, the 4th turn however, none of these actions are available, instead, each player is forced to take an event card which may prove to be a blessing or a curse, changing the balance in the game and even forcing the players to change their previous strategies.




AGES 13+


90-240 MIN

What makes IMNIA unique