Welcome to BlackSea Interactive

We are a young team from Bucharest, Romania passionate about board games, storytelling and history.

Our aim is to create games which are fun and engaging, but at the same time have a high degree of depth and strategy. We believe in creating the best possible experience for our games who play a BlackSea Interactive product so we invest in artwork and research when developing our games.

Thus we strive to offer our gamers beautiful, complex games with a high dregree of replayability.

Welcome to IMNIA – a game of medieval strategy, economic development and power struggles.

The purpose of the game is to be the first to successfully complete a Wonder in your town! To do this, you will need to gather resources and use them to evolve your town, recruit characters, craft items, bring in exotic goods from overseas and fulfill quests to gain power and influence. Once you meet the unique conditions for each wonder, you will then be able to construct the three wonder levels, a building process which uses coat-of-arms tokens instead of resources or money.

Imnia blends the thematic appeal of a medieval strategy with heavy elements of economy like advanced resource management and speculative exotic goods economy. Imnia includes a unique worker placement system where each player develops his own town instead of following a common worker placement board . The custom town is where the player can place workers to activate buildings, engage cooperative or competitive interactions with the other players and join in a thrilling race to the finish line.

So jump right in and start your exciting adventure as a medieval lord, in search of fortune, power and international recognition.

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